T-Series Products

Cellu·Sep® Regenerated Cellulose Tubular Membranes have proven time after time to be the smartest value in dialysis tubing available to laboratories anywhere around the globe.

Cellu·Sep is low in price and includes extra value items that don’t cost you extra. Each box of T1, T2 & T3 includes a technical manual with instructions, analytical data sheet and disposable scissors.

You also get two free Locking Dialysis Membrane Clamps with every box - just to help make your dialysis procedures run a little bit easier. And to protect your order of Cellu·Sep, we always ship each box in a sealed bag with a desiccant to control excess humidity.


Cellu-Sep T1/Nominal MWCO: 3,500

Part No.Flat WidthØ DryVol/cmLengthPrice 
5015-191912.1 mm1.1515 M$198.00Add to Cart
5015-464629.3 mm6.7415 M$202.00Add to Cart
5015-555535.0 mm9.6215 M$215.00Add to Cart
5030-191912.1 mm1.1530 M$278.00Add to Cart
5030-464629.3 mm6.7430 M$286.00Add to Cart

Cellu-Sep T2/Nominal MWCO: 6,000 - 8,000

Part No.Flat WidthØ DryVol/cmLengthPrice 
8015-10106.37 mm.3215 M$232.00
8015-10010063.7 mm31.815 M$328.00
8015-232314.6 mm1.6715 M$142.00
8015-252515.9 mm1.9815 M$142.00
8015-323220.4 mm3.2715 M$148.00
8015-404025.5 mm5.1015 M$158.00
8015-505031.8 mm7.9415 M$226.00
8030-10106.37 mm.3230 M$316.00
8030-232314.6 mm1.6730 M$180.00
8030-252515.9 mm1.9830 M$180.00
8030-323220.4 mm3.2730 M$185.00
8030-404025.5 mm5.1030 M$194.00
8030-505031.8 mm7.9430 M$282.00

Cellu-Sep T3/Nominal MWCO: 12,000 - 14,000

Part No.Flat WidthØ DryVol/cmLengthPrice 
1205-767648.4 mm18.45 M$142.00
1210-767648.4 mm18.410 M$202.00
1215-332515.9 mm1.9815 M$204.00
1215-10106.37 mm.3215 M$264.00
1215-252515.9 mm1.9815 M$204.00
1215-454528.6 mm6.4215 M$204.00
1230-10106.37 mm.3230 M$364.00
1230-252515.9 mm1.9830 M$283.00
1230-333321.0 mm3.4630 M$283.00
1230-454528.6 mm6.4230 M$283.00

Cellu-Sep T4/Nominal MWCO:12,000 - 14,000

Standard Grade, includes all extra value items except data sheet

Part No.Flat WidthØ DryVol/cmLengthPrice 
1415-757547.7 mm17.915 M$254.00Add to Cart
1430-10106.37 mm.3230 M$338.00Add to Cart
1430-252515.9 mm1.9830 M$143.00Add to Cart
1430-333321.0 mm3.4630 M$150.00Add to Cart
1430-454528.6 mm6.4230 M$170.00Add to Cart

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