The QuixSep method of loading and unloading sample is easy, efficient, and helps prevent sample loss. QuixSeps work fast. Most equilibration times average 30 minutes to one hour for simple dialysis of salts or buffer exchange. You may choose your own membranes (and MWCO) “right off the shelf” to use with a QuixSep. QuixSeps are reusable and rugged, which reduces cost and minimizes bio-hazardous waste. QuixSeps are available in a range of convenient volumes: 0.1ml, 0.5ml & 1.0ml.


Part No.Max CapacityQtyPrice 
QS1-50005 ml1 ea$94.00Add to Cart
QS3-1510Assorted1/ea size$144.00Add to Cart
QS3-05000.5 ml3 ea$144.00Add to Cart
QS3-10001.0 ml3 ea$144.00Add to Cart
QS3-01000.1 ml3 ea$144.00Add to Cart
QS1-10001.0 ml1 ea$56.00Add to Cart
QS1-05000.5 ml1 ea$56.00Add to Cart
QS1-01000.1 ml1 ea$56.00Add to Cart

QuixSep Instructions

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